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About Us

ECB Sustainable Youth Foundation is a youth-led Section 8 Non-Profit Organization registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs of Government of India. The organization is working on sustainable development with special emphasis on youth, capacity building, and policy coherence.


Empowerment by Capacity Building Sustainable Youth Foundation, acronymed as ECB, is the brainchild of two military children, Aislinn & Parth. While growing up, they noticed the stark difference between metropolitan cities & rural settlements, especially in the way these settlements experience social, economic, & climate crisis, and their preparedness & awareness about the same. Having made over a dozen and a half states their home, Aislinn & Parth realized the need for empowering youth, especially in smaller cities which lack opportunities, for driving change to uplift communities and combat unsustainability.


​To facilitate this, they first researched extensively about climate change & sustainable development, and started organizing sessions to spread awareness among youth at local level. Later, they started working on multiple projects with various organizations to increase their geographical impact and utilize their skills for the good of the society. However, they couldn’t find any organization working on sustainable development as a whole, and soon came to the conclusion that most organizations are working on a silo-based approach focusing only on one or two spheres of sustainability.


​Determined to make a change, Aislinn & Parth envisioned an organization to empower youth by capacity building for becoming sentinels of sustainability. This resulted in birth of ECB Sustainable Youth Foundation. Through their efforts and multiple initiatives, Aislinn & Parth are leading by example to motivate youth to think out of the box dynamically by leveraging innovative approaches, and critically rethinking ways of addressing challenges. 

ECB Sustainable Youth Foundation aims to arm youth with essential skills to promote coherence across the 5 Pillars of Sustainable Development, i.e. People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnerships, and Peace. For this, we are working actively on numerous initiatives for social cohesion, mobilizing resources for climate action & just transition, and decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions, while promoting peace and partnerships at all levels.

We envision a world of carbon-neutral and resilient societies by 2050 where more people live a healthy life with dignity and have access to amenities & opportunities.



We’re following a three-front approach to achieve our missions:

​1. At the grassroot levels, we’re empowering youth for sustainable development & climate action by organizing various events & programs, building capacity in school children & youth, and connecting students & organizations with each other for peer-to-peer learning. Simultaneously, we’re also providing young people with opportunities to explore various prospects in different niches for excelling in academic & professional life.

2. Nationally & internationally, we’re working with several NGOs, youth networks, and institutions to maximize synergies and make a positive impact together. This includes:

  • Sustainable development, including capacity building for climate action and adaptation & mitigation.

  • Providing guidance in remote rural areas to improvise the educational & economic standards of the deprived & weaker sections of the society for the upliftment & welfare of masses.

  • Working towards elimination of practices including child labour, dowry system, child marriage, fanaticism, anti-social elements, prevailing bad social customs, and illiteracy & unemployment.

3. ​In the diplomatic & policy making arena, we’re energetically bridging the gap between youth & decision makers, while leading young people in policy discussions with administration officials at various levels. Concurrently, we’re also ensuring that the agenda of sustainable development & climate action reaches the discussion table and is pondered upon in every summit or conference we participate in.

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