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Aanchal Khera

Director – Climate Change Mitigation

Aanchal is a dynamic individual pursuing her Master's in Sustainable Development Practice at TERI School of Advanced Studies. Her academic background is complemented by a diverse range of experiences in diplomacy, governance, and social activism. As a Kathak dancer, she also holds a deep appreciation for Indian culture and tradition. Aanchal's leadership qualities shine through her impressive track record.  She has actively participated in the G20 - Y20 India 2023 Secretariat as an Associate, has represented India at the World Youth Festival 2024 in Sochi, Russia as a Delegate, and contributing to policy recommendations.  Her experience extends to organizing large-scale events like the Global Sustainability Summit 2023 (IISD) and leading student initiatives like the Miranda House MUN Club (Suvakta). Aanchal's commitment to social good is evident in her work with NGOs like Ritva (Earthva), promoting menstrual hygiene awareness.  She is a strong advocate for the SDGs, and her passion for youth empowerment positions her perfectly to contribute to ECB's mission.

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