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Advitiya Naidu

Vice-President  Global Education Project

Advitiya Naidu is a young climate advocate from India. Hailing from a defense family background, Advitiya possesses a deep understanding of the importance of protecting our planet and ensuring a sustainable future. As a high school student, he serves as a proactive member of the ECB Sustainable Youth Foundation. Advitiya has embraced the responsibility of spearheading initiatives to educate underprivileged communities worldwide. Through workshops, campaigns, and educational programs, he strives to empower marginalized individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to combat climate change effectively. Furthermore, Advitiya's participation in YOUNGO, a thriving community of youth and children under the UNFCCC, showcases his dedication to global climate advocacy and collaboration. Advitiya Naidu strongly believes that age is no barrier when it comes to making a positive impact on our planet.

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