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Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Aislinn is a young prodigious burgeoning economist and a Gen-Z changemaker with a dexterity of human behavioural studies, who aims to incorporate all the erudition from her disciplines of distinction in the mundanity of quotidian life. She commenced her excursion by getting into debate competitions at the tender age of 11 and has an idiosyncratic distinction of triumphing every debate competition she has been a part of. With her unfaltering shots & remorseless work, she has unturned many stones on her voyage setting down trails for others to chase while staying meek & grounded. She’s presently serving as Chief Executive Officer of ECB Sustainable Youth Foundation. Concurrently, she’s also an active part of a number of international organizations, including UNFCCC Youth Constituency, UN International Federation of Youth on Water & Climate, Academic Council of UN Systems, and UN Volunteers. Being an army brat, she takes profound interest in military studies, conflicts & military intelligence and takes pleasure in bonding with her father over Mossad. She amities animals and some of her leisure pursuits include but aren’t restrained to reading, transcribing doggerels, sketching & painting and photography. 

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