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Danika Bashista

Vice-President – Women Empowerment

Danika Bashista is a prodigious emerging changemaker & social activist from India.  She’s currently pursuing a undergraduate degree in Economics and Social Policy from University of Edinburgh. Her interest in Public Policy making has engaged her to develop interests in Politics, Sustainable Development, and associated niches. Aspiring to be a youth leader and bring a wave of change by uplifting millions, she has had an accomplished stint at multiple NGOs and organizations. What more, she has been an integral part of many fundraisers aimed at assisting the disproportionately disadvantaged sections of the society. Along with all the work she’s doing for the society, she’s a professional  bharatnatyam dancer and has many honors under her belt. She believes in setting an example for others, and has inspired many people to take action in order to bring a change.

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