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Lutfiyya Dean

Resident Coordinator – South Africa

Lutfiyya is a policy advisor, youth activist and researcher. She’s currently pursuing a Masters in Management Programme focusing on policy, governance and management. Her research area includes governance and public healthcare policy implementation. She was selected for 2023 Global Leadership Program at State University of New York, University of Buffalo. She holds a BA honours in International Relations and Political Studies from University of Witwatersrand. Her focus areas include gender, education and decolonisation policy development and theoretical frameworks, and policies advocating for free, equal, and decolonized education and equality for women and youth. She’s also a Policy Advisor at All-African Students Union. She serves as a research assistant at Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute. Her past experience comprises policy work for global institutes including Global Campaign for Education, while also serving as pedagogical team member for the OBESSU decolonizing education project.

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