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Parth Bhatt

Founder & Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Parth is a Gen-Z changemaker, a Youth Leader, Climate Activist, and a teen entrepreneur. He is founder & Chairperson of Board of Directors of ECB Sustainable Youth Foundation, and defines himself as an Indian by birth but a global citizen by heart & choice. He’s an alumnus of UN System Staff College & multiple UN institutes, Geneva Center for Security Policy, United States Institute of Peace, Peace Operations Training Institute USA, and has completed 1,000+ courses. Leading by example, he initiated over 50 sustainability projects around the world, including transitioning sandy land patches to green parks using waste material. He actively participates in various diplomatic conferences with policymakers & stakeholders across the globe, ensuring that the agenda of sustainable development reaches the discussion table. Youth being his major focus, he has worked extensively to create opportunities for empowering young people by capacity building, while spreading awareness about various global issues, helping youth establish their social start-ups, and leading them in interactions with policymakers. For his works, Parth is conferred with numerous awards, including but not limited to AWWA Award of Excellence by wife of Chief of Army Staff of Indian Army, and New Jersey State Governor’s Award.

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